Remainder – Repeater

A cassette tape of live and produced, past and present punk music. Digitally recorded, mixed, and then transferred over to a cassette, it blurs the line between digital and analog and recent and long past Hardcore shows to explore what has been kept and shared in the experience. In an attempt to capture the emotion of witnessing a band live, the audio is presented from the audience’s perspective – creating a disconnected and disjointed, loud and occasionally chaotic new project on the sounds of others and, ultimately, Hardcore’s call to add our own noise to the mix.

Much thanks to Rob Reinhardt for audio from Seattle, WA of Tony Molina performing at Neumos 07/15/15, Tony Molina at the Vera Project 11/14/15, Alex Cameron at Neumos 11/25/16, and Alex Cameron at the Tractor Tavern 03/28/17.

Thank you to Dischord Records for the Fugazi Live Series A-Z. Audio was taken from the Fugazi show at dc space in 12/28/87.

Audio also taken from a show at the Silent Barn in Bushwick on 11/30/17 featuring the bands Russian Baths and WHIMM. Thank you to both bands and to Danielle Pappo for lending her voice to the crowd.

Recorded studio songs included “Attitude” by Bad Brains (and a live version from Live at the Fillmore, 03/20/1982), “For Want Of” by Rites of Spring, and “I’m So Tired” by Fugazi.