I have always found a excuse for when it came to utilizing the AE-1 Cannon 35mm camera that my mother passed down to me from the 80s. I have toted it along on my travels, but for once I wanted to blow through a roll of film and capture the scene in a new way than what I was accustomed to doing.

I went alone, I sat around the various bars in the venue as a spectator, and watched the community of Hardcore come alive. I was an outsider in their element, standing with a camera, popping in and out to gather different angles. I watched how the communities were clustered during the turn over of the bands and sound checks, but came all together when the music began. I knew I wanted to capture the band the best I could, but I wanted the spectators to bleed into the images as well.

The movement, energy, passion, and excitement was contagious. I was concerned about the lighting, and I believe the black and white provided a depth that could have been lost in color images. I experimented with lens speed and allowed for the movement to cascade across the photos. Nothing about the shots are perfect, but the experience reiterated that the community that we were introduced to throughout the course’s readings were still lingering in the youth that are descendants of the bands that came before them.

There was an elemental challenge that I was faced with when it came to doing something I had never done, but knew I needed to do it justice. I by no means consider myself a photographer, but I am thankful that I pushed into an art form I was not as familiar with for the project. I had an amazing time at the venue that evening, and the bands put on a great show.

All of the equipment and photos that were developed are showcased below all of this. Links heading back to the Facebook event are located on the flyer below as well as the venue that I went to. My event is all thanks to the idea of wanting to see if the energy we read about, and photos we examined throughout the semester, could be transferred into what it is we have today in the Hardcore scene of New York.

The Event Flyer

The Photographic Equipment Needed

Film Developed

The Musicians

Location—The Brooklyn Bazaar