Descendants: The Youth of Today

A photography compilation that aimed to isolate moments of energy. It utilized photography through a Negative Approach so that one can visualize the movement captured in film to the current digital development we mentally have of the world we see today. In the basement of The Brooklyn Bazar, in Brooklyn, New York, the photos were taken of youth that are, quite frankly, Sick of It All—those who blended together and filled the empty space with a community. As an outsider looking in, they only posed a Minor Threat when slam dancing.

Descendants: The Youth of Today is a contemporary look at the current hardcore scene through a lens from the past. The live element was captured to explore the depth, foreground, movement, and passion that thrives within the electric environment of a hardcore gig. Photographs shot on Canon AE-1 35mm camera on Alford HP5 Plus 400 speed black and white film.