A self-standing wall, modeled after the remnants of CBGB and respective venues, bears the brunt of disenfranchised youth. This is a simulation, a cheap imitation, of the hardcore punk scene which encourages viewers to navigate through the imaginary ruins of what once was. Band logos { empty symbols }, flyers { advertising non-existent events }, and other remnants of the past adorn the wall as a playful homage.¬†A collection of images and content imitate relics of the past: this is included, but not limited to miscellaneous graffiti, paint splatter mimicking bloodshed that reflected bold aggression which feeds into the scene, and fragments of a non-existent play that stand as critique towards the hardcore punk scene itself. An exemplified d√©tournement stands still. As the spectator, the viewer is held ransom in an attempt to decipher the code. You won’t understand, but you’re invited to take a piece along the way.