Twenty-six. That is how many people Ian MacKay told us were legally allowed to congregate together in a public place before it was considered an event or a protest that needed permits or paperwork. To subvert the system, twenty-six individuals walked through the park from different directions holding a single letter each. Suddenly there was just some guy holding an ‘G’ and a woman nearby holding a large ‘S’. Until, they gathered together for a timed moment to spell out ‘YOUR PRESIDENT IS LYING TO YOU!’. When Ian MacKay told us this story, I understood my angle into the hardcore punk rock world.

Hardcore Punk rock is an embodied performance. The players involved create the terms and control the modes of production by which they send their messages. The anti-Reagan rhetoric popular in hardcore punk lyrics and art inspired me to continue in the attitude of creative political expression. I created a hardcore punk rock Mount Rushmore. I focused on founders of the genre that was discussed throughout our class including, Ian MacKay, H.R. (Bad Brains), Henry Rollins, and Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedy’s. My medium was watercolor and ink to create the mountains and faces. In a nod to the DIY ‘use what is available’ mentality of hardcore punk rock creators, I used cardboard to create the border of my piece with the words “your president is lying” in sharpie marker onto the cardboard. This statement resonates with Americans today due to the rise of Trump and his twittery fake-news agenda. The New York Times felt the need to publish a list of Trumps lies since he took his oath of office. The writers, like the founders of American Hardcore Punk, warn Americans not to become numb to his lies but to document them and speak out against our president lying to us.