When our class first discussed “The Event,” I imagined something akin to an exhibition within a gallery. I knew that I wanted to create a work of art. Ultimately, the Walking Tour provided great clarity in what I aspired to do. On the walking tour, our class navigated the Village and the Lower East Side with Bob, reliving the past through a modern context. One of our sites included the infamous CBGB, now reborn as a chic boutique store known as John Varvatos.

Now reduced to a designer label, John Varvatos proudly displays graffiti of CBGB still scrawled across the dark walls. Mesmerized by the fading flyers, peeling stickers, and worn out graffiti, I snapped a few photos for inspiration. That inspiration grew into a massive beast to tackle.

During my time in Melbourne last month, I stumbled across an alleyway across from the National Gallery of Victoria. The alley was a winding corridor of cobblestone, coated in graffiti from head to toe. Again, I reflected on my time at CBGB. Intrigued, I took a few more photos and began to jot down notes on the flight home.

I tend to visualize a plan before I act upon it. Desperately, I tried to convert the vision in my head into a physical manifestation. Paint brushes, vials of acrylic, and newspaper littered my bedroom floor. I had a rough idea for a “wall” that I wanted to build by layering foam poster board for reinforcement.

As a cosplayer, I’ve an appreciation for the DIY approach that’s evident within the hardcore punk community. I refrained from buying materials and resorted to using what I already had. Furthermore, I wanted to incorporate some of the words my peers associated with the hardcore scene. My intention is for the piece to look damage and distorted, as if it reeks of the cigarettes, stale booze, and aggression that suits the former dive, Sabotage is a synthesis of class discussions, reading material, and visuals supplemented by the course.

A secluded corner in the remnants of CBGB.

One of the many walls at the former CBGB, now known as John Varvatos.

A glimpse of the graffiti-coated alley in Melbourne.

All notes taken in an attempt to brainstorm for the creation of “Rampage (2017).”

Side A of the wall.

Side B of the wall.

Sides A and B put together to form one entity.

This isn’t merch – just an invisible body occupying the space.

A series of polaroids that document the process.