What are you looking at?

 You are looking at a bunch of Wes Anderson Movie posters with hardcore punk people on them. Ian Mackaye is the front man of Minor Threat, he is identifiable by his red beanie, lack of a facebook, and smartphone. Jello Biafra, the former frontman of the Dead Kennedy’s, he really hates Levi’s jeans, and is pictured doing his favorite thing: yelling. Henry Rollins of Blackflag, is probably the most famous and wisest of the bunch, yet inexplicably lots of people hate him. Gauze is a Hardcore band from Japan, Gauze rhymes with Dog sortof.

When trying to come up with an idea for the event I took a page from Mike Joyce, a graphic designer and owner of Sterotype Design in New York City who reimagined punk album covers with a modern swiss design twist, and decided to do my own version but using Wes Anderson movie posters.

I put Henry Rollins in the Royal Tannenbaums mostly because Royal Rollinbaums sounds good. Gauze is pictured in the Isle of Dogs poster because they’re Japanese but also because Gauze and Dogs are monosyllabic. Ian Mackaye is Steve Zissou because he’s always wearing a beanie. There is no real reason why Jello Biafra is Max Fisher from Rushmore, other than I happened to recall a picture of Biafra with his fist up which also happened to be very close to the original Rushmore movie poster.

These were all made digitally, so unfortunately no drafts exist since the layers have all been merged together, but it took roughly 4 days to make them all and print them at 12 x 15inches. I used photoshop and indesign and a wacom tablet. the images below are all the references I used to draw the posters.